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Since 2000, Home Pros Construction LLC has been a top choice wood framing company in Utah. From small to complex projects, we are the preferred choice near you. Our expertise includes new advanced architectural and engineering designs, modular construction approaches, and innovative solutions.

We do so thanks to our ability to incorporate sustainable technologies, procurement channels, and value-based customer benefits. We are also a team of highly specialized, trained, and experienced tradespeople. On top of that, we are licensed and insured.

Our 20years’ experience in residential framing has allowed us to perfect our service offering, customer experience, and company culture.

For all residential and commercial wood framing to specialized installation projects, we have it covered. We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, proudly serving Utahans to ensure that they have the best solutions. We serve Salt Lake Valley, northern and southern Utah.

Why us?

Every person wants to hire the best wood framing expert that he or she can finally trust. Wood framing performs critical functions in any construction. Safety and strength are not things that you can gamble with. No room for experiments; it simply has to be done by the very best.

Our experience, skill, and expertise

As you may already know, wood framing is a highly specialized form of art and craft. It takes more than just the skillset. You need the imagination and the right mindset to complete projects. We work as a team to deliver the project from planning to execution. Since bespoke projects are generally complex, you need a company that can understand the whole process to give you the peace of mind that you badly need.

Our customer service

We understand the desire to be unique, and that is the reason we put your needs first. We also know that you have specialized needs that we ought to understand. For that reason, we have made it our business to treat every project with the concentration that it deserves. We keep communication open to ensure that you can communicate with our team leader at all times.


We have a policy of working with quality materials to ensure that the structure remains durable for longer. Our commitment to a clean environment is unparalleled.

Our transparent pricing

Ensuring that your project remains on budget and schedule requires a commitment to the efficient use of resources. We are a value company ensuring that you only pay for the services that we will offer you. All payments and project details are discussed in advance to keep the process straightforward.

Our team

We haveassembled a team of inspired tradespeople capable of delivering virtually any design for a project. We have expertsin carpentry and architectural designs to help understand any support features, structural integrity, and other important features of a construction frame.

For every project, we commit a master craftsman to lead the team and a project manager, depending on the size of the project. We do so to ensure that we have the correct leadership and the necessary quality controls.

We understand statewide building codes, ensuring that we are compliant with all the specific state and city permits.

Our process

We start by understanding the nature of the project, which allows us to make important decisions about the timelines, materials, pricing, and technical requirements. We are keen to capture every detail before we get started. Once we have agreed on the particulars, we will assign you a team. From there onwards, we will communicate through the team leader to keep the communication effective. The goal is to deliver quality within the timelines.

Our Services

For all your framing needs, Hope Pros Construction LLC will get it done for you. Commercial framing, luxury framing, light frame, pier and beam framing, multifamily unit framing, general home framing, and overall carpenter framing, we have it all covered.


Residential framing

Our framing carpentry solutions will ensure that wall frames, ceiling frames, door frames, and roofing framesare done to perfection. Our technicians ensure that floor joists, concrete footings, rafters, headers, plates, studs, and ceiling joists provide the building with the correct strength and support.


Our elaborate deck framing includes creating connections, support posts, joists, and joints. We do while also ensuring that we are compliant with the Salt Lake City building codes. Our goal is to set up the right footings, decking, and flashing. Our technicians will ensure that every tread, bridge, or stringer maintains the correct configuration. We do all types of decks, including round decks, wraparound decks, detached decks, multi-tier decks, and other types of decks.


Additions tend to have the same procedure as the full house. The only difference is that one must have the imagination to join the new with the old. We will pay the same attention to the foundation, walls, studs, and plates for your addition the same way we pay attention to a new home installation. We do frameworks for building out, building in, and building up.


Garage frames require significant knowledge of different types of foundations to be used, an understanding of the concrete model, materials to be used, and the architectural orientation. Our team at Home Pros Construction understands the whole garage framing process. For all Salt Lake City framing projects, call home pros construction LLC. Our able team is waiting.

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